Happy 38th Goddess Day|Your free and unrestrained is the most beautiful scenery in the world

March and you are both spring Live up to the beautiful spring light The gift of time With light in your eyes and love in your heart Live as the most beautiful scenery shining

Welcome Spring Equinox|Timco wishes everyone a warm spring-like life

Welcome to the Spring Equinox and enjoy the Spring Festival|Timco wishes everyone a warm life Welcome to the Spring Festival and enjoy the Spring Festival|Timco wishes everyone a warm life Welcome to the Spring Festival and enjoy the Spring Festival|Timco wishes everyone a warm life

Blockbuster! The General Office of the State Council has issued a new policy to promote the consumption of healthy elderly care services, improve the efficiency of elderly care payment and improve the standards of elderly care services.

All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central People's Government, the State Council ministries and commissions, agencies directly under the: Consumption is the final demand, is the key link and important engine to smooth the domestic circulation, the economy has a lasting pulling power, the matter of safeguarding and improving people's livelihood. At present, affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and other factors, consumption, especially contact consumption recovery is slow, small and medium-sized micro enterprises, individual business and service sector is facing more difficulties. In order to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, concerted efforts, far and near, comprehensive measures to release the potential of consumption, and promote the sustained recovery of consumption, agreed by the State Council, now put forward the following views.

A bouquet of flowers, a tribute to mother's love

A basket of vibrant flowers A creative artistic flower arrangement activity Embellish the beauty of life It brings out the beauty of life Make this Mother's Day a meaningful one

Latest! The National Health Care Commission issued the National Nursing Development Plan, which will bring the total number of nurses to 5.5 million by 2025 and significantly increase the supply of elderly, community and home care services!

By 2025, the development of nursing in China will reach the following goals. The total number of nurses in the country reaches 5.5 million, the number of registered nurses per 1,000 population reaches 3.8, the number of nurses continues to increase, the structure is further optimized, the quality and service capacity is significantly improved, and it basically meets the needs of economic, social and health care development. Accountable holistic care is effectively implemented, and nursing services are closer to the needs of the public and society. The connotation and extension of nursing care is further enriched and expanded, and the supply of elderly, Chinese medicine, community and home care services is significantly increased. The level of scientific management of nursing is continuously improved, the quality of nursing services is continuously improved, and the institutional mechanism to mobilize the motivation of the nursing team is further improved.

"The most romantic thing is to grow old together with you in a healthy way.

In the name of loving you, walking with health The health of our family is our greatest concern As a child, we wish our parents happiness To respect the old and love the young, we wish our family well A warm home is a warm heart German Timken, guarding your health for you

Tribute to the most beautiful retrograde - Timken Germany's anti-epidemic employees honored

"April is the most beautiful April day on earth, but the epidemic broke out again everywhere. The whole city stopped as if the pause button had been pressed, and the normal logistics and production of enterprises were seriously affected. In order to minimize the impact on the enterprises, the relevant departments actively contacted and coordinated and drove the goods themselves to ensure the materials as much as possible despite the danger of the epidemic, so as to ensure the normal production and operation of the enterprises.

Thanks to the support and trust of our customers, we wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

Light fragrance of rice dumpling leaves Thick worldly love Connected by threads All the love and affection The annual Dragon Boat Festival is approaching We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust and support I wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival




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