Introduction to Tecfor care

Tecfor care is a brand under 添康智能家居科技(上海)有限公司, mainly serving in massage equipment and electrotherapy devices. It is currently authorized for use by Tekvor Technology Co., Ltd.

 Registration number: 28164816

Chinese name: 添康 

Parent company: 添康智能家居科技(上海)有限公司




1: Brand Development History

2: Global Medical Care Industry Layout

3: Product Series

4: Qualification Certifications/Awards Received

5: Business Scope

6: Corporate Culture

7: Related Events



Company Introduction:

The Tecfor care Group (Tecfor care) is headquartered in Gummersbach, Germany, and has been at the forefront of German intelligent health care industry technology advancement for decades. It has now developed into a global intelligent health care service industry group.



Brand Development History:

1984: Over six years, collected a large amount of medical and nursing related user data.

1990: Developed an ergonomic medical care bed named "Tekvorcare".

2006: Officially proposed the digital health care concept based on integrated medical care.

2007: Began the research and product design and development of a digital care system for smart medical care.

2009: Acquired the centuries-old European royal brand "Frowein".

2018: Established two major production bases and six major sales centers around the world.

2020: Promoted the integrated digital health care concept to more than 50 countries around the world.

2021: Acquired the German fashion home brand "meise.möbel".

2022: Continues to layout and explore the global market, deeply cultivating the integrated medical care field, committed to the development of aging-friendly products and digital health care project overall solutions.



Core Business:

Smart Medical, Intelligent Nursing, Digital Health Care

Tecfor care Group's core product in intelligent medical care services: Intelligent nursing bed, the classic product of the Tekvor Group, has been updated to the seventh generation; well-received by well-known medical care institutions in Europe.

Global Medical Care Industry Layout:

Three major R&D centers: German Medical Care R&D Center, Intelligent Home R&D Center, China R&D Center

Two major production bases: Asia-Pacific (China) production base, European production base

Six major sales centers: Germany Global Sales Center, North America Miami Sales Center, Japan Sales Center, Korea Sales Center, Asia-Pacific Sales Center, Intelligent Home Sales Center.



Product Series: Tekvor Group brand products:

Intelligent Nursing Series:

1. Currently developed Tekvor manual bed/Tekvor 100/Tekvor 200/Tekvor 200 widened/Tekvor 300/Tekvor 330/Tekvor 500 and other bed types.
2. Elderly Safety Series: Provides safety guarantees for the elderly's life.
3. Catering and Living Series: Satisfy and solve daily catering and living nursing problems for the elderly.
4. Assisted Walking and Bathing Series: Diverse products that allow the elderly to enjoy the convenience and comfort of home care services.
5. Aging-friendly Furniture Series: Provide a one-stop overall solution.

6. Digital Health Care Series: AI Voice Butler: control room appliances, check bills, weather, calls, etc./ Button guide lights (quickly find switches), night mode (fall prevention), scene mode (one-key lighting)/ Various monitoring functions.


Business Scope:

A series of smart products such as elder care rehabilitation beds, home care beds, walking aids, rehabilitation aids, bathroom aids, etc.


Corporate Vision:

To make nursing without difficulties, let users live with dignity and freedom.


Significant Events:

Corresponding news of the press release

In 2021, Tekvor from Germany was invited to participate in the "Asia Furnishing Fair" in Japan.

On June 30, 2022, Tekvor from Germany & CCTV reached a strategic cooperation, strongly landing on CCTV.

In 2021, it became one of the earliest suppliers of aging-friendly products and digital smart health care overall solutions in China.






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